Inventory Sync

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Last Update 7 bulan yang lalu

Syncerize Inventory Sync feature updates product listings on both Source and Destination stores. This sync takes place when any of the following changes occurs:

When an order is placed at the Source store, either paid or with pending payment status.

The product’s master inventory is manually updated at the Source store.

Order is canceled and restocked at the Source store.

Note: When a paid order is made at the Destination store, change in the inventory is limited only to the Destination store. It does not prompt the inventory sync function to update inventory across connected Source stores and other Destination stores connected to your Source store.

Following are the few scenarios that trigger the inventory syncing process:

  • When the source store updates the inventory of any product.
  • When the source store sets a product “Un-unavailable for Sync.”
  • When the source store deletes a product.
  • When the source store blocks a destination store.
  • When an order is placed at the destination store and pushed to the source store. 

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