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  • In the Settings section of the destination store, you can customize several important features:

    • Email Notifications: Manage how your store communicates with customers and administrators.

    • Automatic Push: Set up automatic push or syncing of data between stores.

    • Order Push: Configure how orders are transmitted or synchronized.

    • Currency Exchange Rate Settings: Adjust settings related to currency conversion rates for accurate financial transactions.

Email Notifications

In the Email Notifications settings, you can control whether you receive emails from your store system.

  • Enable Notifications: When enabled, you will receive emails regarding various updates and activities within your store. This includes notifications about orders, customer inquiries, and system updates, ensuring you stay informed about all important events.

  • Disable Notifications: If disabled, you will not receive any emails from the store system. This means you won't get notifications about new orders, customer messages, or system updates via email.

Adjusting these settings allows you to manage your email preferences effectively, ensuring you receive or avoid notifications as per your needs.

Automatic Push

When Automatic Push is enabled in the destination store settings, orders received will automatically be forwarded to the source store.

  • Automatic Push Enabled: Orders are seamlessly transmitted to the source store as soon as they are received by the destination store. This automated process ensures timely and efficient order handling without manual intervention.

  • Automatic Push Disabled: If disabled, orders must be manually pushed or transferred from the destination store to the source store. This requires manual initiation of each order transfer.

Enabling or disabling Automatic Push allows businesses to manage their order processing to suit operational preferences and efficiency goals.

Order Push Settings

In the Order Push Settings, you can configure how orders are handled and transmitted to the source store.

How Can I Set the Shipping Rate for Orders?
  • By default, the shipping fee for order push is set to $0.

  • You have the flexibility to adjust this according to your preferences, specifying a shipping rate based on order value. 

  • This rate will be communicated to the source store using your store's local currency, ensuring clarity and consistency in shipping costs.

  • You can also add more than one Shipping rate and Order value by hovering over the ‘+’ sign on the left of the Shipping Rate box.

Email Contact Method
  • The default email contact method is set to your email address. 

  • However, you have the option to customize this to use the customer's email or any other preferred email for contact purposes. 

  • This allows you to manage communication effectively, ensuring that relevant parties are notified and engaged as per your specific requirements.

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