Syncerize Overview


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Syncerize is a multi-store management app that synchronizes product inventory, product properties, and orders across multiple Shopify stores in real time. Syncerize is a tool designed for vendors and retailers alike. 

Store Types

  • Source Store 
A parent store, that holds the master inventory. Destination stores connected to a source store can get inventory updates whenever the source’s inventory changes. Source updates occur automatically when the source manually changes the inventory, or an order is placed on any product.

The Source is the main store with the privilege to fulfill orders, so its effect can be seen in the destination store’s orders.

  • Destination Store
A child store that is connected to a source store. Destination stores can import products from source stores and customize their syncing options. Also, the paid orders in destination stores update inventory in source stores but the manual changes at the destination store end do not promptly source store inventory updates.

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