How to Push an Order to Source Store?

From your destination store:


Last Update 21 days ago

➡️ Go to the ‘Orders’ tab. Here you will find a list of all orders placed at your destination store for synced products.

➡️ Select the order under the ‘Not Pushed’ category that you need to forward to the source store for fulfillment.

➡️ Now click on the ‘settings’ button at the right of the order, and the order details screen will load up.

➡️ Here you can view the order details and customer details, add the shipping fee, and push the order to the source store for fulfillment by clicking the Push Order button. 

➡️ Order would be pushed, and the status would be updated as shown. 

If you want to learn about Order Management for Source Stores, Click the link below!

Order Management Guidelines for Source Store

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