How to Sync Price?


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➡️ To Sync the Price, Go to the "Stores" tab and select the settings of the desired store which you want to sync price for.

➡️The following prompt will appear.

➡️To sync price, enable the 'Price' and click Save to update the changes.

Setting Price Margin :
➡️ When a product is added or updated from the source store, it will sync the product price in the store.
➡️ If the price margin is added, the price will be shown with the amount of the price margin percentage.
➡️ If the price margin is set to 10%, it will increase the product's actual price to 10% and show it in the destination store.
➡️ For Example, if the product price is $100 and the price margin is set to 10%, the actual price will be shown as $110.

Why Price Sync is Important?

The price Sync process is the necessary step to optimize the significant tasks for your connected stores. If your price is not synced, it will create the following scenarios:

  • If the new product variant is added without enabling price sync, then the default product variant price from the destination store will be added.
  • If price sync is disabled and product is being updated on source store, then there will be no change on destination store's product price.

Currency Exchange Rate Setup Required

Syncerize requires accurate currency exchange rates if the stores operate with different currencies.

Action Required

1. Navigate to Settings of Destination Store: Access the settings section.

2. Locate the Currency Exchange Rate Section at the end: Look for the Currency Exchange Rate section within the settings.

3. Click ‘Add’, you will see a prompt box to add exchange rates.

4. Three different options of “My Store Currency, Source Store Currency, and Exchange Rate” will appear. Add the information according to your store details.

5. Add Exchange Rates: Enter the exchange rates for the currencies used in your stores.

Why is this necessary?

Syncerize counts on precise exchange rates to support consistency in pricing across multiple stores. By adding the correct exchange rates, you ensure that prices are accurately synchronized, enhancing the shopping experience for your customers.

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