How to Map a Product?


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➡️ Go to the ‘Products’ tab and select the product you want to map under the ‘Un-sync’ category. Click on the map button as shown below.

➡️ The following screen will pop up. Select the ‘Ok’ button; it will start the search operation for mapping.

➡️ If the search is successful, the product placed on the destination store with the same SKUs and number of variants as that of the source store product you want to map will be displayed below. Here you can select the available options for the product map and click the ‘Map’ button.

➡️ Once mapped, your store would reflect the mapped product without the creation of an identical product with the same SKU. 

➡️ If your store has no product with the same SKU as your selected product, the following message will be displayed.

You would have to sync the product rather than the map in such a case.

➡️ If you try to sync a product with the same SKU as a product already synced at your destination store (i.e., ideally meant to be mapped), the following message will pop up to help you avoid product duplication.

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