Products Section on Source Store


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It shows a list of all products created by the source store, either made available for the destination stores to sell in their store or not. It also shows the source store products that have been synced or can be synced.

All the products are divided into three categories:

  • Synced
  • All Available Products
  • Settings

How to Choose Product Display on Source Store?

In 'Settings', there are three options available:

  • Individual Product Selection: By default, this option is selected. It means that only the products you manually select from your store will be visible in the "All Available Products" category.
  • All Products: If you click on 'All Products,' you no longer need to manually select each product. Instead, all products in your store will be made visible in the "All Available Products" category.
  • Tags: When you choose the 'Tags' option, you can specify that only products falling under a specific tag or category should be made available in the "All Available Products" category. 

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