Product Sync

Khadija Mudassar

Last Update 7 maanden geleden

This is a feature associated with product import functionality. Destination Stores can choose the product description elements that they want to sync with the Source Store’s product descriptions with this feature. This way, whenever a change happens to any of the synched elements at the Source Store, the same is reflected in the Destination Store in real time.

With the connection between the source and destination store, the following properties are checked and marked for sync. But these can be edited later.

Product Properties Sync Elements:

  • Description
  • Images
  • Product Type
  • Publish Status
  • Title
  • Tags
  • Prices
  • Sync HS code and country of origin
  • Sync SKU
  • Sync Vendor
  • Sync inventory
  • Sync cost per item
  • Auto-add product variants
  • Auto-remove/delete product variants
  • Continue selling when out of stock
  • Bar code
  • Weight
  • Variant title
  • Images

You will need to switch to a paid plan to access the Product Properties adjust settings. 

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